Planning (on a budget)

This may sound geeky, but I know I am not alone when it comes to the amount of excitement I get from getting a new planner. Something about having my life organized better makes me so happy! I’ve tried all types of planners throughout the years – daily, weekly, monthly, At-A-Glance, Blue Sky, etc. I have figured out what constitutes my kind of planner. I love a fun, colorful, weekly planner with lots of extra features like motivational quotes, cute sections to write goals, and places to express creativity.

Last year, I tried out passionplanner. I really loved the minimalistic concept of their planners, but found that I wish it was a little bit more colorful. I heard about erincondren planners and I was convinced I was going to get my new planner from there. By the time I picked a lifeplanner, customized it, and ordered a few “essential” accessories, I was looking at a cart worth ~$75. Free shipping only if you spend over $100. So with shipping and taxes, I was looking at getting a planner for ~$90. I know all the cute bloggers and stylish career moms would swear that this planner is worth it, but as a med student, it was a little too pricey for me. I’m glad I looked for other alternatives, and came across Create 365’s “The Happy Planner” for only ~$30 from Staples – with no shipping costs and enough cuteness to keep me happy. It’s also found on Amazon for probably cheaper, but I was a little impatient.


I don’t think anyone should spend that kind of money for a planner, but I understand that a little cute planner can do a whole lot if you need some order in your life. I’m also excited to see there are also accessories for this brand of planner. With rotations starting, I know it will help me out a lot. I thought I would share this gem of a finding!


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