Maybe my overly superstitious Filipino mother is to blame, but I am wary of discussing how the boards went before getting any results. I finished last weekend, and I have been avoiding the topic. It’s exactly like that one psych board question about the medical student that avoids thinking about boards after taking boards. What ego defense mechanism is she utilizing? Yup, I’m using the immature mechanism of repression. I am sure (hopefully) that I will be more talkative once board scores are out. But until then, I will bask in the joy of not knowing yet.

In other exciting news, being done with boards (and 99% sure I at least passed) means that I am officially a 3rd year medical student! I am so excited to get out of the classroom finally and be out in the real world. I am excited to learn and add more to my journey. Found this great excerpt from Dr. Desai’s “Success on the Wards”:


The process starts now. In our medical school, all students get assigned to a “track” and rotation schedules vary. Some students start with internal medicine, others start with OB-Gyn, others with surgery. I started off with the block that includes vacation, and I am so glad I did. I felt the burn out of studying so hard these past few weeks. It is amazing now not knowing what to do with my free time. I have signed up for a trial of Amazon’s kindle unlimited, downloaded a few kindle books. My netflix log-in finally sees me now (and quite often). I TAKE DAYTIME NAPS. I think all medical students need well-deserved breaks. One thing I have learned and greatly appreciate so much more now than in my younger college days – self-care. Not party and forget about responsibilities type of self-care, but the free time to enjoy a home-cooked meal, spend time with loved ones, quiet time alone without working your brain out, exercise, etc. It really helped me get over stressful humps, and I hope that as life is going to really pick up from here, I’ll be able to continue with the self-care regimen.



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