Must haves for boards studying

The best description of studying for boards is that it is a marathon. It is REALLY easy to burn out. No matter how much you study, there is still more you can study – more Qbanks to do, another review of Pathoma and drugs to know, NBMEs to practice, and the list can go on and on.

The reality is no one wants to burn out before the big test day. With only 2 weeks left, I’m less focused on learning new things and more on being ready for the real day. I have been reviewing my old notes and doing questions throughout the day. Besides having a creative outlet (like my subpar sketching on my iPad), I have found the smallest things to be really essential to my mental health. A cup of coffee in the morning, a daily workout, loving texts, and my sweet pup are getting me through. I ran out of room to draw the endless snacks that also help. I also couldn’t draw my mom, but she is probably the real reason my life still has some order to it.

Portable Network Graphics image-59CD4A6CF28E-1

Back to work!


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