My 1st StitchFix!

Real quickly – one of my latest obsessions is this really great idea from San Francisco called StitchFix. I have an addiction to online window shopping for clothes, and it’s not the best way to spend my free time because I end up not getting anything. Not to mention how hard it is to shop for affordable and stylish petite outfits. I also hate shopping at the mall. If you told teenager me we were going to the mall, I am always ready. Nowadays, not so much. The lines, and the people…yeah you might just find me in the food court.

Anyways, I heard about StitchFix awhile ago but finally decided it was now time to change my closet up. My closet is 20% stuff I wear today, 70% stuff from college and high school that I would be lucky to fit into nowadays, and 10% of why did I buy this again pieces. Plus, I really need a new look for clinical rotations coming up. I am so amazed at how easy it is to start an account. You answer a few questions about your style, sizes (they have petites woohoo), price ranges, etc. You can also decide what you don’t want to receive, since StitchFix also sends jewelry, shoes, and purses. I opted out of receiving any accessories. They also ask for your pinterest profile to see more ideas of your style.

I really liked that you don’t need to get a delivery every month, which is really nice for poor med students like me. Each box comes with 5 things hand selected for you. Pictures of my first box:

IMG_2487IMG_2488I loved that they provide a cute note from your stylist (gives it a personal feel!) with cards on how they would style the pieces. So excited that they sent me dress pants that actually fit (length and hip size!) I will definitely find a good use for those. I did not end up keeping every piece (you get 20% off if you do) just because I am a little picky about fit but had a lot of fun trying out new styles. I have scheduled a delivery every 3 months, but I loved the choices this month that I may decide to do every other month. Honestly, this is a really great option if you are lazy like me.

If you would like to check it out, please use my referral link here



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